10 reasons everyone should thank an IT pro … or else

Every year on the fourth Thursday in November, millions of Americans gather together to share a meal with loved ones and give thanks. This Thanksgiving, many will feel grateful to have family and friends around … and they might even talk to them occasionally as they look up from their constantly-buzzing smartphones.

Speaking of, there’s no doubt that Internet-enabled devices have changed our lives for the better. In our highly-connected world, you can watch millions of movies from your computer or smartphone, message friends across the globe, and even order obscure products online … delivered to your doorstep within days. What’s not to love about modern internet conveniences?

Thank the people who make the miracle of modern technology work for you

Many people take it for granted that you can send an email from Austin to Amsterdam within seconds. But behind every electronic message, search query, and cat video, exist many complex pieces of technology that make everything work. And all of that computing infrastructure has to be maintained by someone. And on the rare occasion that something breaks down, tech-savvy professionals are often there to save the day.

This holiday season, when you’re feeling grateful for people in your life, make sure to give thanks to the often unseen heroes that make sure everyone stays connected. That’s right … we’re talking about IT professionals, the tech experts that keep computers running and networks connected around the globe!

10 reasons everyone should thank an IT pro … or else

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1. In a world without sysadmins, you’d have to fix everything yourself 

IT professionals, such as system administrators, manage the often complicated computer infrastructure that companies rely on. Without tech-savvy IT pros, you would have to figure out how to fix laptops and printers, resolve complex network issues, and manage servers … on your own.

Here’s what that nightmare scenario might look like:


2. Important services we rely on wouldn’t function without IT professionals

From protecting a country, to running a government, to providing emergency 911 services, fully functioning IT services play a huge role in your life, and might literally be the difference between life or death. There are many IT professionals behind the scenes making sure computer systems we rely on every day work, so citizens can get the help they need.

3. Let’s face it, no modern company can do business without IT

It pros are hard at work in every industry: Healthcare, education, manufacturing, finance, retail, and more. Even if they aren’t out front and center, they are critical members of the team that enable everyone else to do their job effectively. In the internet age, not only are your work and home life affected by technology, every aspect of daily life is dependent on technology in one way or another. In other words, without IT pros, the world as we know it would grind to a halt.

4. Admit it, you’re addicted to the internet 

If you’ve ever observed how much people freak out when the Wi-Fi or internet connection goes down for even a minute, you understand the depths of internet dependency in the 21st century. And guess who makes sure everyone can stay connected around the clock? And who fixes network issues quickly so you’re never down for long? That’s right … IT pros. Show them some love the next time you see them!

5. IT knows what you’re doing on your work computer 

Be nice to IT professionals, because while it’s their duty to respect and defend your privacy, if they spot suspicious activity, or the boss or HR tells them to, they have the power to see what you’ve been up to (remember that IT policy you agreed to when you started your job?). That includes knowing who you’ve been talking to via email and instant messengers, what websites you’ve visited, and any shady activity you might be involved in. So don’t abuse your work’s computer resources and remember that the IT pros want to be in your corner.

6. Friends and family expect IT pros to fix everything

Even when IT pros go home, some friends and relatives expect them to repair anything that involves electricity for free … which isn’t right. How would you feel if people were constantly bugging you work for no pay during your time off? Look at it this way, if you were to hire someone else to fix your computer, it could cost hundreds of dollars an hour!

7. You’ve forgotten your password many times

Humans are imperfect and often make mistakes. And while flaws make us who we are, dealing with user error gets old really fast if your job is to clean up after others’ mistakes. Guess who gets to unlock your computer every time you forget your login credentials after a long weekend? If you don’t want to get stuck twiddling your thumbs for hours the next time this happens, be nicer to your IT pros … they’ll be more inclined to help you in a timely manner.

8. They’re stressed out from constantly swooping in to save the day 

You’d get tired too if you were always battling against the evil forces of malware, phishing scams, and hackers. Without IT pros, data wouldn’t be safe, and your computer would be full of viruses and slow as molasses. The basic day of an IT professional involves juggling many different issues at once, protecting networks, and swooping in to save the day (like an IT superhero) … and all of this can be exhausting.

9. Three words. “Always on call” 

Some IT pros rarely get a vacation, especially if there’s only one or two people working in the IT department at your office. And sometimes, these dedicated workers have to alter their lifestyles in order to be nearby just in case they need to come in when something goes wrong or work remotely while they’re supposed to be relaxing on the beach. And when things go wrong, they might have to pull all-nighters just so technology works for you the next day. Even if you don’t realize it, IT pros put in long hours and make sacrifices for you!

10. If you are nice to IT pros, they’ll be nicer to you!

By now, you know that IT pros have a tough job, and they don’t get the appreciation they deserve. Said IT pro Donald Sutton, “I’ve found this profession to be a rather thankless job, for the most part.”  But when you do show appreciation to the IT pros that help you out, it can go a long way and benefit you too. And it doesn’t take a whole lot to make an IT professional’s day. For example, some kind words and/or a small token of gratitude makes a world of difference. In fact, IT pro Brody Short once remarked, “We almost have heart attacks and fall out of our chairs when we get a simple thank you.”