Delete Large Attachments in your Gmail Inbox in 2 Steps

gmail inbox

Most people have a Gmail account these days, and at least some of you might have realised – with an unpleasant shock – that the space in your inbox is getting filled up. Gmail has a pretty huge 15GB limit, but over the years, mail tends to build up, and many of us are probably reaching those limits now.


1. Just Type this code in your Gmail Search bar

has:attachment larger:5M

And you will get filtered email with attachments with size more than 5 MB.

Isn’t Cool !!!


gmail inbox

2. Find irrelevant emails now.

a. Either delete them or download them as per your requirements.


Similarly, you can search other sizes of attachments as well, with these codes.

For 20 MB : has:attachment larger:20M

For 1 MB : has:attachment larger:1M

Conclusion: Be a Pro with your Inbox management.