How do I Find my own/old Whatsapp Groups?

How To find Whatsap Groups you have joined so far_

We have been using Whatsapp for many years now, this question definitely comes in mind that how many groups I have joined so far.

There are chances that few groups you have yourself exited but sometimes your friends add in you in some group and now they are not active at all.

Anyway whatever the reason you have or just curious to know what are the whats-app groups my number is part of.

This is how you can find out easily:

  1. First save your own number in your phone.
  2. Find and open your own saved number.

3. Click to Whatsapp Message to your number.

4. Now you are ready to chat with yourself. Try to drop a message.

whatsapp post image

5. Now to go to info of your number. Scroll down.

whatsapp post
whatsapp post

6. That’s All, You can see now how many groups your number has been joined.

Now time to Surprise someone in Old Groups 🙂