Network Professional Resume

Cessna Lifeline Vet Care Hospital / IT Head


  • Designing and implementing functional network infrastructure with Cisco router, switches and Fortinet Firewall
  • Provide Level-2/3 support and troubleshooting to resolve issues
  • Manage Firewall Policy, IPSec VPN and SSL VPN.
  • Mentoring team members and addressing user’s needs
  • Design and deploy processes to maintain networks (LAN, WLAN, WAN)
  • Configure and install software, servers, routers and other network devices
  • Monitor network performance and Internet Uptime with Multiple ISPs.
  • Resolve Cloud-Based issues by troubleshooting cloud and local infrastructure
  • Automate tasks and perform capacity management and audit of IP addressing and hosted devices within Datacenters.
  • Mentor team members on technical issues and train them as well.
  • Create cloud-based server in AWS as per client’s requirement.
  • Communicate with Clients or end users whenever needed
  • Manage day to day issue using Ticketing Portal and evaluate the performance of team member.
  • Working on network protocol IPSEC and BGP
  • Working with monitoring, network diagnostic and network analytics tools
  • Perform network maintenance and system upgrades including service packs, patches and security configurations
  • Liaise with vendors and other IT personnel for problem resolution
  • Manage Load Balancer on Firewall and AWS


Echidna Software Pvt Ltd / Sr. Network & System Administrator

AUG  2011 – JULY 2016,  BENGALURU

  • Designing and implementing functional network infrastructure
  • Resolving issues that tiers of support have escalated
  • Mentoring team members and addressing user needs
  • Design and deploy functional networks (LAN, WLAN, WAN)
  • Configure and install software, servers, routers and other network devices
  • Monitor network performance and integrity
  • Resolve issues tiers of support have escalated by troubleshooting cloud and local infrastructure
  • Automate tasks and monitor their effectiveness
  • Mentor team members on technical issues
  • Create, oversee and test security measures (e.g. access authentication and disaster recovery)
  • Communicate with users when needed
  • Maintain complete technical documentation
  • Suggest improvements to network performance, capacity and scalability

Detailed Elaboration of Skills earned with present and previous organizations


Management Skills:

    1. Report Presentation to Management Level Executives. MD and Founders
    2. Generate KPI to represent the performance of IT Department and individual staff members.
    3. Evaluating and making the decision in procurement for IT Department.
    4. Implementing ISMS control defined under ISO 27001.
    5. Assign responsibilities to the team member.
    6. Mirror client’s hours
    7. Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Confidence in decision-making.
  • Creative and analytical skill in problem-solving.
  • Ability to interact with various levels of management, customers. This includes possessing a level of professionalism and business maturity

Network Security and Firewalls

    1. Fortinet firewall with High Availability deployment.
    2. UTM feature configuration – Application Security, IPS, Web filtering, Anti-Spam, Mobile App security.
    3. Virtual IP configuration and management with NAT, PAT.
    4. Traffic Shaping as per the requirements.
    5. Policy routing to control traffic flow.
    6. Policy config and scheduling based on end user requirement.

Data Leak Prevention configuration

  1. load balancing over 2 Internet connection.
  2. Finding network performance issue using Session monitoring.
  3. Firmware upgrade, Backup and Restore.


VPN – IPsec, SSL, GRE Tunnel

  1. IPsec VPN configuration between Organization and client office.
  2. SSL VPN is configured for the mobile user to access organizational resources.
  3. SSL VPN config between AWS VPC also to provide access to instances.
  4. IPSec configured and troubleshooting between AWS resources and organization.


Cloud Services Platform:

  1. Have worked on many platforms eg. AWS, Rackspace, GCP, GoDaddy.
  2. Design and create architecture as per client requirement.
  3. Provide consultation based on client’s requirement and budget.
  4. Experienced with implementation VPC in AWS.
  5. Individual instance management with EC2, S3, RDS.
  6. Monitoring of AWS Cloud Watch.
  7. Route 53, Simple Email Service, Billing Alerts
  8. Security, Identity & Compliance – IAM
  9. SSL certificate manager.
  10. Working with AMI.
  11. Auto Scaling in AWS.




Routing and Switching

  1. Working on Cisco devices and Juniper
  2. Implementing BGP protocol and static routing.
  3. Experienced with EtherChannel – link aggregation technology.
  4. VLAN Trunking Protocol Protocol
  5. VLAN management.
  6. IPv6 Implementation
  7. Troubleshooting the routing and switching related issues.


Wifi Controller Management

  1. Experienced with Ruckus Wireless Controller 1100D.
  2. Troubleshooting various issue on STA and AP.
  3. Define Access control on the controller.
  4. Architect Wifi Network.

Network & Server Monitoring Tool

  1. Monitoring ISP multiple lines using tools.
  2. Monitoring Wifi AP using controller and alert notification.
  3. Monitoring Server and Application status.
  4. Monitoring using Nagios.
  5. System level Performance monitoring using Kaseya tool.

Remote Support and Ticketing:

  1. Provide resolution for Active Directory issues.
  2. Active Directory management.
  3. Provide support to end users or clients
  4. Implementation of Kaseya Remote Support Tool
  5. Implementation of Manage Engine Desktop Central Tool.
  6. Manage team member ticketing flow using Freshdesk.

Antivirus and Proxy Server:

  1. Deployment of Symantec Antivirus Enterprise Edition Server.
  2. Deployment of Quick Heal / Seqrite Enterprise Edition Server.
  3.  Monitoring Virus Definition in End points.
  4. Generating report for auditing.
  5. Auto installation of agents.
  6. Deployment of Zscaler Proxy Server using GRE Tunnel.

Hobbies & Activities:

  1. Gadget  DIY
  2. Magazine – Linux For You, Linux Format, EFY
  3. Youtube Surfing.
  4. Torrent Sites Surfing.
  5. Blogging –
  6. Travelling and Visiting Places
  7. Attending workshops
  8. Practice Ethical Hacking.
  9. Experimenting with Kali Linux.
  10. Socializing with people.


Leadership Principles

Have Backbone; Disagree and Commit

Leaders are obligated to respectfully challenge decisions when they disagree, even when doing so is uncomfortable or exhausting. Leaders have conviction and are tenacious. They do not compromise for the sake of social cohesion. Once a decision is determined, they commit wholly.


CCNA – CSCO11932725


CCNP Routing & Switching  – CSCO11932725


FCNSA, FCNSP – Fortinet Firewall Certified – FORT020825